Our Approach

Good building design is born of the collaboration between like-minded people with a commitment and unyielding enthusiasm to deliver the best possible results.

We believe we’re different from most Environmental and Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health Engineers.

We’re interested in buildings, how people use them and the legacy of the buildings we help to create. To us, what we do is so much more than “pipes and wires”.

We understand the social and environmental impact buildings have - how great design inspires and how poor design alienates. We understand how the decisions we make now impact current and future generations. And we understand that we build for people – the end user is key to understanding the development of any design.

Light, temperature, humidity, air movement and noise all affect occupant comfort. We lead the design in all these areas, using our experience to balance the needs of people using the building with other important aspects of the brief.

We know humans respond to the same environmental conditions in a number of different ways. Designing for adaptable environments is therefore key to the success of any building. On a wider level, we also know that healthy buildings lead to greater wellbeing of occupants – whether they live or work in them. If we can influence the wellbeing of individuals, societal benefits will follow.

As a society, we need to make better use of our existing assets and buildings are no exception. Many of our projects involve existing buildings. This experience leaves us well attuned to what does and doesn’t work well in building design. And we bring this approach to the table, whatever the scale or type of building.

For a building to be truly sustainable it must have a low environmental impact overall – energy and water efficiency are a given. Careful design to reduce the need for systems and materials in the first place is the next logical step – we strongly believe the engineering services should be complementary to the performance of the building envelope and not a “get out of jail free” card for deficiencies in the building strategy. We collaborate with the design team to improve the performance of the building envelope and reduce the need for heating, air-conditioning, mechanical ventilation and artificial lighting to realise this ambition.

From the outset your project will benefit from the application of sound design principles integrated seamlessly with the architecture.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • A detailed understanding of your approach and vision
  • Proactivity, inclusiveness and honesty
  • Enthusiasm and enjoyment; not only of what we do, but how it fits into the finished result
  • An easy-to-work-with style of collaborative engagement
  • Thoughtful, sustainable design and engineering
  • Careful consideration of material and system choices, from both sustainability and cost points of view
  • Clear communication and a commitment to delivery

You have ambitions and aspirations for your project. We help to make them a reality.

We’re excited by the opportunity to collaborate + create