About CC|be

cc|be is a progressive and creative environmental design and building services engineering consultancy.

We collaborate with a diverse range of design professionals to provide a blend of creative thinking and pragmatism that delivers well considered, beautifully designed and sustainable buildings.

We collaborate + create high quality buildings in all sectors of the built environment where a strong belief in open, collaborative working is valued.

We have significant experience and interest in delivering Cultural, Heritage, Community and Creative projects. We also provide advice and design work to clients across a range of interesting projects in other sectors.

All of our work starts from a first principles understanding of engineering and building design.

Our approach combines a rigorous design methodology to develop simple and considered solutions.

We deliver high standards of technical performance with an attention to detail.

But we’re not all about projects.

Cc|be deliver seminars and tutoring at a number of leading Architecture Schools, including London Metropolitan University, University of Cambridge, University of West England, University of Reading and Kingston University.

The sessions cover theory | design | craft

The practice strongly believes in a wider social purpose and collaborates pro bono with the Career Ready Mentoring Scheme for STEM school students and the Haverstock Career Network.